Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Willingness to pay beet farmers in city of Mashhad using agricultural extension services            0000-00-00
2    : investigating effective factors on Iran’s pistachio exportation with the emphasis on food safety    M.Sc.    Ashktorab, Niloofar    0000-00-00
3    The role of consumer preferences in the pricing system barberry            0000-00-00
4    Determining the degree of development of agriculture sector in the counties of Khorasan Province            0000-00-00
5    Investigation of effective factors on food & beverage industry depression in Khorasan Razavi - Iran    M.Sc.    YAZDAN BAKHSH, SARA    2010-08-29
6    The Study of Effectiveness of Credits Early Returns Firms in Agriculture Sector (Case Study of Mazandaran Province)    M.Sc.    shabanzadeh, mehdy    2010-08-29
7    New designing saffron marketing with emphasis on role of packaging, brand and e-commerce in create it value added    M.Sc.    Farahmand Gelyan, Kazem    2010-10-07
8    Assessment of the effects of subsidies target of energy carriers on products worth on food industry in iran emphasizing Khorasan Razavi    M.Sc.    nematollahi, zahra    2011-06-05
9    The environmental effects of agricultural inputs pricing policy (case study: Chenaran )    M.Sc.    Mahpeykar, Zahra    2011-07-01
10    surveying economical effects of the water resource pricing policy(Chenaran region- khorasan razavi)    M.Sc.    sharbafiyan, ali    2011-07-02
11    Influence of the targeting of Subsidies on Price Transmission of Livestock and poultry productions    M.Sc.    heidari, reza    2011-11-12
12    An Estimation of Spatial Price Transmission in iranian saffron market    M.Sc.    mohammadreza zadeh bazaz, nazanin    2012-10-06
13    Title: Performance of agriculture and its role in regional development corporation (case study farm corporation Nilshahr)    M.Sc.    lavshabi, abdollah    2013-06-15
14    The Impact of Agricultural Insurance on Investment in Agronomy sub-sector of khorasan Razavi provience    M.Sc.    mozhgan, hosseini    2013-09-28
15    Impact of targeted subsidies on food security in urban regions of Mashhad    M.Sc.    baratzadeh, amin    2013-10-26
16    Analyzing the Effective Factors of Agricultural Products Price Volatilities and Interactions with World Price (Case Study: Rice)    M.Sc.    Kojouri Geshniyani, Mostafa    2013-11-02
17    Rural development based on expand of business environment: an clusters approach    M.Sc.    tirgari, mohammad    2014-03-08
18    Evaluation of technical efficiency of beef cattle farms in Mashhad city    M.Sc.    bahmani, elahe    2014-04-26
19    Application of Social Marketing in reduction the consumption of fast food (case study sausages and burgers)    M.Sc.    pazhouhesh, zinat    2014-05-24
20    Climate change and its impacts on Iran‘s food security    Ph.D    Hatef, Hakimeh    2015-05-23
21    Modeling Rural Turism With Emphasis On Sustainable Development Indicators    M.Sc.    Zafar, Fatemeh    2015-05-30
22    factors affecting the success of rural government officer cooperatives in Khorasan Razavi province    M.Sc.    Pirgazi, Somaye    2015-06-29
23    The survey of Impact of Government Policies on Sustainable Supply chain of Milk and its Products in The Kerman City    Ph.D    naghavi, somayyeh    2015-06-29
24    determination of risilience and sustainability of industrial dairy farms    Ph.D    hassani, leila    2016-05-14
25    The determination of weather based index insurance premium for apple in damavand county    Ph.D    TORABI, SASAN    2016-06-05
26    The modeling of modern agricultural structures based on clusters in the process of rural development    Ph.D    Sarvari, AliAkbar    2016-07-23
27    Decision support system for sustainable exploitation of spruce agroforestry (case study of Mashhad metropolitan area)    M.Sc.    mousavi, mona    2016-10-29
28    Identification and measurement of socio-economic factors affecting the villagers’ intention to stay in rural areas (Case study: selected cities in Kermanshah province)    M.Sc.    mahmoudi, mahdi    2016-12-03
29    (The Role of Microfinance on Indicators of Sustainable Rural Development (Case study: Selected Villages of Torbat e Jam    M.Sc.    Sani Heidary, Alireza    2017-01-29
30    Investigating the Welfare Effects of Non-Farm Employment and Income on Rural Households in Neyshabur City    Ph.D    iravani, samaneh    2017-03-04
31    Determination Irrigation Water Demand Function in Neyshabur Plain    M.Sc.    keykha, mohammad    2017-03-15
32    Drought Effects on Bank Loans Repayment by the Farmers (Case Study Agricultural Bank of Khorasan- Razavi Province).    M.Sc.    janat sadeghi, mazaher    2017-03-15
33    Evaluation of conductive plan effectiveness on rural development indicators in Khorasan Razavi province (Case study: Villages of Chenaran)    M.Sc.    elsaghi, ensyeh    2017-03-15
34    The role of access to credit on immigration tendency of rural dwellers    Ph.D    ETEZAD, SEYEDKHOSROU    2017-04-22
35    Designing and pricing agricultural option contracts in Iran    Ph.D    NAROUEI, MAHBOUBEH    2017-11-07
36    Stratygy of Food Scurity with Emphasis on the Role of Underground Water in Iran    Ph.D    Farsi Aliabadi, Mohammad Mehdi    2017-12-11
37    Assessment and ranking of economic and environmental efficiency of saffron production regions in Khorasan province    M.Sc.    Sa\'adt Joyandeh, Fatemeh    2018-01-09
38    Estimating the economic value of the environmental benefits of urban trees with emphasis on urban pollution removal (Case Study: Mellat Park of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Yousofpour, Yeganeh    2018-05-05
39    An investigation of the impact of Urban Marginalists Skills Development on Sustainable Rural Employment (Case Study: Mashhad).    M.Sc.    eghbalfar, asma    2018-05-05